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is particularly incisive, in that it won itself a place in millions of young minds, including mine, without openly presenting itself as a film about trans lives.Yet the cyborgs, and Motoko Kusanagi in particular, are undoubtedly transgender: they choose and change their bodies based on what relationship they desire from that body.Capitalism reproduces itself by making and re-making surplus humanity.What can we take from the oppression and corresponding agency of trans lives to bolster an understanding of class composition?

This is not because identity is irrelevant to the discussion, but rather that its use obscures what is arguably more important: why and how those identities are made, and which bodies are legitimate enough to deploy them.As Peter Drücker details in , the maturation of capitalism, from European city-states to Late Victorian empire, was probably one of the most severe and structural periods of gendering.Though much has changed, popular common sense is still imbued with the binaried, heterosexist values of that era.Anyone looking for a definition of what trans people are won’t find one here.After Feinberg’s the diverse communities that are coalescing’.

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