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So I left with the hope of finding a gym that hard four walls and a ceiling and close nearby So I took a stroll and managed to see a building about two hundred yards south of the weight pit that looked like it could possibly have a weight room inside of it.That building still exists today and is known as the Sea Castle .

Will include pictures that I have taken over the years as well as some taken off the internet.mainly because I really couldn't afford a camera nor pay for the Kodak processing fee.But I'll be naming lots of names of individuals you may have never heard of who were the true 'foundation' of this present bodybuilding-world and will do my best to grab some photos off the net to liven up this ancient day expose, even though I won't have much to say that is derogatory. First Trip to LA and First Muscle Beach Visit and the Biggest Bodybuilder I Ever Met! But that was only the beginning, Once upon a time a long time ago I lived in Northern California in the City by the Bay called San Fancisco.Also, this is the History Board on Getbig for other threads...board=20.0Thanks to you Get Biggers who have already responded, but I gotta admit that I wasn't in to taking photos way back then ....

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