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A dangerous philosophy was circulating in the church at Colossae that was championing These have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-made religion and asceticism and severity to the body, but they are of no value in stopping the indulgence of the flesh. This will keep sin at bay—but ultimately the flesh remains unsatiated.This false philosophy is still circulating in the church today.One of his recommendations is “Good Pictures Bad Pictures,” a read-aloud picture book that helps parents address the issue with very young children. For the junior high and high school level, he recommends “Plunging Pornography,” a book to leave in the bathroom for teens to find that can serve as a conversation starter. Kilcawley said in some parishes, groups like the Knights of Columbus have paid for some of these books to be handed out to every parent.He also recommends internet filters like Covenant Eyes, which sponsors a special service for parents, parishes and schools..- Online pornography is one of the fastest growing addictions in the United States, on par with cocaine and gambling.Once confined to the pages of a smuggled Playboy magazine, pornography can now be in the hands of anyone with a smartphone, and is more prolific and anonymous than ever.Porn Hub, one of the world’s largest sites with porn video streaming, reports that it averages 75 million viewers per day, or about 2.4 million visitors per hour.

“Ask questions like, ‘How frequently do you fall into porn and masturbation in general? A third question to ask would be if they’ve tried to remove porn from their life – are they already using filtering software?

It should either be the priest, or someone involved in that specific ministry at the parish, who is the first point of contact for that person, and can help them get in touch with additional resources.

Another thing priests can do is start a porn or sex addict support group in their parish. Kilcawley said he started one in his office once a week, with a small group of men who were all struggling with porn addictions.

And while pornography used to be a simpler problem for priests to address in the confessional – consecrate yourself to Mary, go to weekly adoration – the growing level of addiction makes it a much more complex problem for the Church to address. Sean Kilcawley, the program directory and theological advisor for pornography ministry Integrity Restored, has started to put on intensive trainings for clergy, providing them resources and practical tips for how to address the growing crisis of pornography addiction.

How the trainings work For an intensive training, Fr.

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