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Earlier this year CASA conducted some initial simulator testing and this indicated that the cross wind limit may need to be reduced to 10kt in order to ensure the continued safe operation of SAAB 340 aircraft on the 18m wide runway at Coober Pedy.CASA has also sought assistance from SAAB to specifically facilitate ongoing operations at Coober Pedy.The new legislation proposed by CASA means that aeroplane operators will no longer need to apply for exemptions for narrow runway operations.Instead, aeroplanes will need to have been assessed by the OEM or by flight test of the aeroplane to determine their capability to operate on narrow runways. John REX don't operate Dash 8, Fokker 50 or B200 but nice thought though...: E MTF...:ok: Just a thought Sarcs, are Saabs approved to operate from gravel?

The assessment will include evaluation of aeroplane capabilities and aerodrome facilities.

Irrespective of the proposed legislative changes CASA will continue to work with SAAB and REX to facilitate ongoing operations of SAAB340 aircraft at Coober Pedy, noting that depending on the option chosen this may be with appropriate operational limitations to ensure the safety of such operations. If so tear up the whole bloody sealed portion of the runway and operate from gravel.

Is anyone surprised that aviation in Australia is being regulated out of business. It was my intention to ignore the last (hopefully) missive from Mc Comic; this industry will take a decade to fully recover from the effects of what is probably the worst half decade of mismanagement, micro managed, misbegotten, left handed bastardry seen since Stalin.

lt should be noted that these approvals frequently impose limitations, an example of which would be a reduced cross wind limit.

Other major regulators including the FAA, EASA and NZ CAA do not allow operations into runways narrower than the aircraft code and without CASAs legislative package this kind of operation would cease.

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