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Zinedine Zidane discussed tomorrow's trip to Vigo where his Real Madrid side are guests of Celta. Not at all, he's a Real Madrid player and he wants to end his career here. We've got a lot of games to get through, the season is long and we need him fit - let's hope he's not out for long. In the last two winter transfer windows we haven't brought in anyone.

The coach told reporters that he wouldn't see it as an inconvenience if the club entered the window transfer market but insisted that he doesn't need a goalkeeper... I can't see Cristiano at any other club that isn't Madrid. There'll come a time when we can discuss it properly but right now I don't see any reason to bring anyone in.

Aproximadamente una cuarta parte de la población lee todos o casi todos los días, con una dedicación media de 5,5 horas a la semana, registrándose un mayor porcentaje de lectores diarios entre las mujeres que entre los hombres.

Además, ha aumentado el porcentaje de lectores frecuentes que dedica más de 6 horas semanales a la lectura.

It's not an inconvenience to sign someone in January. As of the moment, I don't want any changes - I'm happy with my squad.

Tres de cada cuatro libros leídos son de novela o cuento.

Zizou also spoke about Cristiano's future and the reported interest from PSG in signing him: "I can't see him playing at any other club that isn't Real Madrid" What are your thoughts on Celta? That's why I only speak about the players I have, out of respect for them. I've already said that I don't want any player to leave.

They're one of the league's top sides and they're doing well, they work well; they habe good players and we know it'll be a difficult game. Don't you like signing players in this transfer window? I've only been a coach for two years, maybe it would be better to ask me later on in my career... But up until the 31st anything could happen, that's how the market is.

Además, se ha incorporado a la lista de los 10 libros más leídos en el año 2004 otra obra de Dan Brown, “Ángeles y demonios”.

Lectura en 2005 Durante el tercer trimestre del año 2005 el porcentaje de lectores ha disminuido ligeramente y se sitúa en el 55,7% de la población española, frente al 57,2% del trimestre anterior.

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But at the same time, these things happen - he felt a pinch on Thursday, we did a scan and the results showed he had something and we didn't want to take any risks. But later, if things change in June when we sit down to talk about the squad, maybe there will be positions where we will sign players.

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