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It was a white man in his 50's wearing a very expensive suit. "No need for small talk." He finally spoke, handing me a rubber.I thought why would this guy be with a internet whore when he could obviously afford anyone? He walked by me with out a word depositing an envelope on the desk and began stripping down to his shorts. "No need for this I would love to taste you." He cut me off.My patience running thin it was almost a half hour until I got a call.The man didn't give a name just said he could be here in fifteen minutes after receiving his instructions.After a few minutes he pulled me up bending me over the desk and pulling my shorts to the ground. My tits hanging out, my shorts on the floor, and a mouth full of strangers cum. "God what a slut." Phoenix said as she helped herself to some whiskey and a cigarette. "You never fucked a black guy either but that didn't stop you did it? "Good because now you're going to get us some more powder." She said.I didn't even look I just waited for his dick to enter me. " "Besides you're going to be fucking all night so you could use a boost." I reluctantly leaned my head in using a finger to block one nostril as I snorted the coke through the straw in my other nostril. Before I could ask how a large black man came strolling through the door.

Finally, I thought the anticipation of strange cock consuming my mind.

Dropping to my knees I fumbled to get the condom on before taking his dick right down my throat.

If he wanted a whore that was what he was going to get. This was not sex, not making love, my stranger was fucking me.

I inhaled deeply as Phoenix had and felt such a surge through my body. Phoenix introduced him as "Blade." An obvious reference to Wesley Snipes as he looked just like the actor or at least I hoped that was the reason.

"This her, she's kinda of old but pretty hot." He said looking at my body. "Well let's see what you got Bitch." Pulling his jeans down exposing a black dick about a foot long.

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