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Body Language Explained offers you the unique opportunity to work with a body language expert on the signals you may project.We can spot things in minutes that have been effecting your life for years.Also, knowing how to read others around her can make life easier. However, when feet shift back, under or curl around a chair leg, it means retreat, lack of confidence or fear. When you first shake hands with your dream-girl, notice her hand position. If her hand was palm up, she is giving you control.If she turns your hand face up and hers face down, she is taking charge. If her hand extends far out with a locked elbow, she has not warmed up to you yet.A more secure attachment style was generally associated with more nonverbal closeness and a more avoidant style was generally associated with less nonverbal closeness.

After just one session, our students never look at dating in the same way!Body language is a huge key to knowing when you have a green light to come play! Watch for how your dream-girl shifts or adjusts her breathing, movement, seating, looking and more while sitting or interacting.Keep in mind, these give you an advantage but they do not make you a mind reader.Results provide partial support for self-reported differences between secure and insecure individuals in their preference for, and comfort with, closeness.Implications for understanding the associations between attachment style and relationship outcomes are discussed.

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An interactive class gives you the opportunity to practice and solidify what you have learned.

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