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This may seem a little odd but for now I’m going to slump these two together .

I’ll do my best to keep them separated.feel free to lump your thoughts together.

So maybe before doubting your parenting abilities and fretting about what the future may hold, try to look for your friends in the face of a stranger.

It may be the universe telling you it supports you, or it might just be fun!

Plus, in most cases, the people you meet online are the awesome, happy, non-scary type.

btw, check back next week as well and I will tell you a story of how I met the set of HIMYM…True Story. It was awesome to see some focus on Marshall & Lily.

In fact this may be the most even episode of the season. What I don’t get is other than the continuation feel of going from one episode to the next, why call it “The Magician’s Code” as well? The point of the episode was baby MArvin “Wait For It” Eriksen… So knowing that and seeing who Barney’s bride was/is… And what else do we know about the wedding once we put the pieces together: Does that lead you to any conclusions? Since we won’t know that till later…I’m curious if it caught you by surprise?

Janet even turned out to be better than he thought, but by the time he figured that out, it was already too late.

He should have thought of background checking as a sort of insurance policy: you never know when you’ll need it, but it’s great to have in your back pocket when you don’t know what your next move should be.

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Then once I became older, Barney Stinson and his friends gave me dating advice. It’s no doubt the show has created a pop culture phenomenon composed of the character’s analogies and idiosyncrasies. ” in arguments with your friends, demanding the highest of fives, or making intervention banners, you might be among the TV viewer population that will suffer the greatest withdrawals when the show ends. But let’s look at some highlights from the show and some of the best advice Ted, Barney, and the rest have offered when dealing with the ups and downs of life and the turmoil that can come along the way of finding “the one”. While attempting to make a long distance relationship work with his girlfriend Victoria, Ted answers a call from Robin at two in the morning to help test her new juicer.

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