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“Or it could’ve been something read in an interview that got read wrong and nobody around said, ‘No, this is what she meant.’ Or nobody went and checked the interview and said, ‘What did she mean when she said this? ”As stupid as it was in hindsight, it was also costly.

would have had two women—Foxy and Kim—Clark explains that the eventual outcome of the lineup had nothing to do with Kim being added over Foxy.Kim’s rap entry was told in the 2009 Biggie biopic Notorious, as she met The Notorious B. Foxy brought her bars that year on the remix to LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya” with an eye-popping verse that delivered the line: “I’m sexing raw dog without protection, disease infested.” Kim had already secured her position as the First Lady of Big’s Junior M. If you go back to both of their debut albums, you will notice they have on the same outfit.” Osorio is alluding to the inside cover of both debut albums, where Kim and Foxy are both wearing the same cream-colored jump-suit with black trimmings. Kim and Foxy were on friendly terms, having briefly attended the same high school before the fame. Kim’s solo power was proven before her album on the Clark Kent-produced track “Time to Shine” off the soundtrack with two songs: “Touch Me, Tease Me” with Case and alongside Jay Z on “Ain’t No Nigga” (also on Jay’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, that year). “They were all on high alert,” journalist Michael Gonzales recalls. ’ One of the dudes was like, ‘Yo, I think that’s one of the niggas from the magazine.’ So they let me go back there with Kim. “She was just so nice, like somebody’s little sister,” Gonzales says of Lil’ Kim.“I think both of them being from Brooklyn, both being the only women in their crew, and both being at the forefront of that sexual revolution in hip-hop just magnified the tension between them,” Osorio explains.“But that being said, their beef existed before the media got involved.”While there have been glimpses of hope that the two would someday come together and bring that Thelma and Louise project to the forefront, the fact they both turned down the money proves that it’s bigger than business.

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