Dating mommas boy

She comes over unannounced, cooks cleans and does his laundry.She may throw few verbal jabs your way and may even be guilty of manipulating situations to her advantage.You need to prepare to let him go and move on if things do not change.Be fair but do not settle for less than you deserve.Don’t nag him and don’t make empty threats expecting things to change on its’ own.

She's needy and constantly calls him no matter how minor or severe the crisis of the day.

Don’t expect things to change overnight as this is a process.

I would even go as far as to involve a psychotherapist as a mediator to help facilitate the changes.

I will be the first one to admit that yes, I have a strong bond with both of my parents but the connection that I have with my Mom is very different from the one I have with my Dad.

Although she has advised me on more than one occasion, she has always remained objective.

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