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" She's early, she can wait until I'm ready to see her.Being one of the top dogs here has done nothing but feed my already inflated ego, when I walk into a room people go quiet and wait for what it is I have to say. "Of course." Clare eventually returns with my drink and sets it on the desk, smiling up at her I nod and take a small sip. Do you want to send the next victim, I mean candidate in please?" Her eyes fly back up to my face and she looks awe shocked for a moment, her gaze meets mine and I can feel a lump form in my throat. Shaking my head I break her gaze and take the mug holding my tea in my hands and take a sip.Ignoring the knot's that are furling in my stomach I wait patiently for her answer.

I don't look up as the person enters, I like to make them squirm a little before I get down to business so to speak. Osbourne, I'll be with you in just a second." My eyes still focus on the paper in front of me as I speak. " That voice sends chills down my spine, all of a sudden I'm no longer a calm and collected twenty seven year old. The only person I was stupid enough to drop my guard and let get close to me for her to rip my fucking heart out.

Someone from HR did the initial telephone interview with her but I've resigned to doing the face to face myself.

I want to make sure the chemistry is right, this is the person that essentially, is going to be working closely to me.

My eyes are a deep blue, I'm average height with a slim figure.

I've always been happy with my appearance, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Jenkins." The intercom on my desk sounds, pulling my focus away from the pile of papers on my desk in front of me.

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