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We have a tendency to emphasize one half of the truth at the expense of the other half, and we can do that in either of the two ways.Every heresy in the history of theology fits this pattern: for instance, emphasizing Christ's divinity at the expense of his humanity or his humanity at the expense of his divinity; or emphasizing divine sovereignty at the expense of free will or free will at the expense of divine sovereignty. It records some examples – most of them miraculous, many of them spectacular – of God revealing his particular will.Discernment is a process that every serious Catholic man must commence at some point, during which he will petition and receive from the Almighty his vocational direction and calling for the rest of his life and for all eternity.Fittingly, discernment is one of the most difficult undertakings of a man’s life!

But in heaven, I think, one of the things we will praise and thank God the most for is how wildly and wonderfully and dangerously he put the driving wheel of our life into our hands – like a parent teaching a young child to drive.D., is a professor of philosophy at Boston College.He is an alumnus of Calvin College (AB 1959) and Fordham University (MA 1961, Ph. He taught at Villanova University from 1962-1965, and has been at Boston College since 1965.When we pray for wisdom to discern God's will when it comes to choosing a mate, a career, a job change, a move, a home, a school, a friend, a vacation, how to spend money, or any other choice, big or little, whenever there are two or more different paths opening up before us and we have to choose, does God always will one of those paths for us? Many Christians who struggle with this question today are unaware that Christians of the past can help them from their own experience.Christian wisdom embodied in the lives and teachings of the saints tells us two things that are relevant to this question.

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