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It’s probably the defining factor of why you’d want a Shield instead of anything else right now, and it’s a powerful motivator for anyone interested in gaming – and even some who aren’t.My dad, who hasn’t played a video game since Super Mario Bros.Nvidia’s also bringing something called the Nvidia Spot to market later on, which are plug-in microphones you can spread across your house to issue voice commands to your Shield and Assistant from wherever you happen to be.These connect over Wi-Fi and will retail for around apiece.The duck I had was missing real pancakes (it was warm tortilla wraps) but that is me being Picky! If you happen to wander past, stop and wander in, the best meal all week! They have a huge screen where you can watch the chefs cooking in the kitchen. Allways a good atomsphere and the best entermaintant.

Staff are attentative and always smiling and more than happy to help.

More generally enjoyable additions with this software update include the ability to adopt external storage as native, which means you can plug in external flash drives via the two USB ports on the back and have those act as fully accessible storage space for games and media.

This means buying the entry-level 9 model makes a lot more sense; if you ever find you need more space, it’s a fairly easy and inexpensive upgrade to pick up a high-capacity 128GB flash drive, like the one included in the review kit sent by Nvidia for testing.

I knocked a glass of the table this year and within 3 minutes the glass was cleared the floor moped and a fresh drink in front of me.

Before I'd even tried to get a waiters attention so can't knock the service.

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