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All this will help you adjust to your new role.’ Given the, erm, discomfort your baby causes you on his way out, it’s a miracle that we feel so fondly towards the little red-faced bundle that finally emerges.

Again, this is partly down to your body’s production of oxytocin.

which began when he received an unexpected call from Walt Disney himself, praising his work on the TV show “Ensign O’Toole”.

Two years later, Jones heard from Disney again, when he was offered a role in That Darn Cat! The film, in which he plays FBI agent Zeke Kelso who follows a crime solving cat, was well received by critics and nominated for a series of awards including the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Motion Picture.

‘But don’t worry if this takes several months, especially if your pregnancy was unexpected.’ Talk to as many people as you can about the reality of being a parent and the challenges you can expect.

‘Not being prepared for all the extra demands can dent your confidence and affect bonding once your baby arrives,’ says consultant clinical psychologist Alison Knights.

‘Similarly, if the birth’s been traumatic, this can disrupt the process.’ However, it’s usually temporary.

Released in 1965, it was the first of 10 Disney films Jones made.

He told the LA Times: “I see something in them that is pure form. No preaching.”“We’re always looking for significance but maybe people just like to be entertained.”The Love Bug, released in 1969, was Jones’s most successful Disney film, with Jones playing a struggling race-driver who acquires a Volkswagen called Herbie that has a mind of its own.

‘Have him placed on your bare chest after birth,’ says Mary Steen, a midwife from the University of Chester.

‘If you have a c-section and this isn’t feasible, your partner could have this contact instead – it’s just as important for him to bond.’ Gazing into your newborn’s eyes while you feed is also a great way to get closer.

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‘Try not to panic – just take your time getting to know your newborn.’ If you’re still feeling distant from your baby by six weeks, talk to your midwife or health visitor to rule out postnatal depression.

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