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By focusing on female sexual fantasy, Friday synthesized two apparently contradictory threads in American culture.

Or that women, just like men, needed novelty and variety.

Friday might have been delighted that many of her assertions about female sexuality—that women respond to visual stimuli as men do; have wider, more varied sexual menus than men; are often sexually “fluid” in their attractions to men and women; and seem to get off watching themselves in the act in ways men don’t—are recently bolstered by findings of researchers like Marta Meana (PDF), Meredith Chivers (PDF), and Lisa Diamond.

But being bigger than life and female and writing about sex and female sexuality without legitimizing, protective structures behind her, Friday ran the risk of being seen as simply louche herself. In an obituary on Friday for the Huff Post, Priscilla Frank noted that she herself had been called an “attention whore” for writing about female sexuality through a personal lens, all these decades after Friday broke ground doing so.

” kissing him full on the mouth, his head held firmly in her hands.

A publishing kingpin told me he remembered seeing Friday—tall, vivacious, and flirtatious, her hair cut in a chic pixie—at parties for the Manhattan literary set.

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And a precocious corrective to the binary that men need to roam while women “naturally” pine for monogamously-ever-after.

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