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That’s the reason we exist.” Cara was designed to record enough of the critical raw data to fulfill the service’s prime goals—without recording images or personal data.

In other words, clients don’t have to worry about IMRSV’s commitment to safeguarding personal information because the firm never has it to begin with.

“Everybody has a different problem they’re trying to solve.

For .95/month (per camera), IMSRV offers the software and cloud analytics tools to crunch your data.The terminology differentiates face detection tech like Cara from face recognition technology, which seeks to record, compare, and analyze traits to identify individuals—useful in security applications and less comfortable for many people.Sosa is careful to distance his tech from such invasive methods, “We’re describing Cara as a perceptive computing platform.“We can’t wait to see what people do with it.” Some may want to use it to make intelligent products—a toy, for example, that can change how it interacts based on who’s in front of the camera and what they’re doing. Sosa says, “Privacy is an important discussion to have.We understand that a Minority Report future is coming, and unless somebody does something about it and creates a better experience, there will be no alternative.

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